12:00p - 3:00p

The Journey  |  CorrieB (JAM)

5:00p - 7:00p

A Time of Empowerment  |  Pastor Marsha Taylor Rodney (JAM)

10:00a - 12:00a

Reality Check Live!  |  Bro. Mark Titus (JAM)

3:00p - 5:00p

Spiritual Impact |  Ministers Paul & Tessa Dunkley (JAM) 

8:00p - 10:00p

Incredible Praise  |  Gospel Warrior Band (JAM)

12:00a - 2:00a

Devotion from the Womb of the Morning*  |  Apostle Dr. Dezrene Robinson (USA)

7:00p - 8:00p

The Message for Life*  |  Bishop Desmond Whittaker (CAY)

10:00p - 11:30p

Pure Jesus In-depth Bible Review*  |  Pastor Mark Clarke

2:00a - 5:00a

A Moment in the Word*  |  Minister Paul Dunkley (JAM)

*  Rebroadcast

5:00a - 6:00a

Let's Talk with Caleb*  |  Caleb Brooks (JAM)

6:00a - 8:00a

Inline  |  Pastor Terrence Esseboom (GUY)

8:00a - 9:00a

Net Breaking Hour  |  Bishop Pangani Thipa (UK)

9:00a - 10:00a

The Evangelistic Hour  |  Evangelist Charmaine Campbell (USA)